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10 Awesome Benefits of “Cabbage”

Many people don’t like to eat vegetables. Because it has a bitter taste, it is difficult to eat, but for “cabbage” it is eaten raw as an accompaniment to spicy food such as papaya salad, larb, and waterfall. It’s delicious in a sweet way. Until almost unable to stop at

Get to know heat stroke, its causes, symptoms

During this heat stroke It is a disease that is often talked about. Because it is a disease that causes constant loss. Today we want to invite girls. Let’s get to know about heat stroke, including the causes, symptoms and methods of prevention of this type of disease. So that everyone

4 simple exercises break down cellulite

Many girls are afraid to wear some of their favorite clothes. Because there is an important reason like “cellulite“ that causes the body to be completely hidden. If anyone is still not sure that cellulite is scary. what does it look like Try bending down to touch the thighs or abdomen

5 deadly diseases from smoking that men know

Regular smoking It’s very dangerous. Another one for you, man. It’s like a ticking time bomb that contains a variety of toxins. ready to destroy various systems of your body indefinitely In addition, the smell of cigarette smoke is also polluting. That negatively affects those who inhale it in the short and long

6 popular fruits, as high in calories

“You can have a good figure because you eat fruits and vegetables.” We don’t argue about this. because to lose weight I have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Eat less flour and sugar. But it’s not that the fruit that you eat will not have any sugar. Some

7 divine benefits of “Okra” that you may not know

If you say that Japanese people like to eat okra very much. Will everyone believe it? Eat fresh and use it for cooking. Other menu items Size to Vietnam They also serve green okra to be grilled and eaten fresh. But because of the cool properties okra That makes everyone come to eat

7 “stress relief” foods, delicious, good

school age, working age like us Both studying and working for 5 consecutive days for many years. Where will the test scores be? Where will the job be assessed again? Must be very stressful for many people, right? So let’s find a way to relieve stress easily. By eating better

6 foods that help you fall sleep easier

Young office workers, parents or even students who are stressed from studying, everyone can not sleep well. If you don’t feel sleepy by doing any method,  1. Greek Yogurt Greek Yogurt, also known as Greek Yogurt, contains tryptophan, an ingredient that helps your body fall asleep