“Arsenal” tries to convince “Nketiah” to stay in the booth.

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Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager Revealed that the club has tried to convince Eddie Nketiah to extend his contract with the team,

The 22-year-old striker is out of contract at the Emirates. Stadium after this season And now he’s also refusing to expand.

Nketiah was named man of the match in the Gunners’ latest 5-1 win over Sunderland in the Carabao Cup. The quarter-finals last Tuesday night.

amid various news about the future He admits that he just wants the opportunity to continue playing on the pitch. After playing only 6 games in all competitions this season, scoring 5 goals,

talk about the future of this team. Arteta said “That’s what he does in training every day. Passing the ball into the bottom of the net,

I think I’m pretty consistent with my thoughts on Eddie… About how much we like him in the team Every time he plays, he’s doing great.”

“That’s what I wanted (convincing Nketiah to stay), he just wanted… The only thing he wanted more was the opportunity to play. And that will be his own decision.”

“It would be difficult to interrupt him. But as a club and myself I want him to stay later. And that’s what we’re trying to do,” he said.