“Arteta” accepts this form is not good enough for a gun.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said his performance in the 3-0 defeat at Crystal Palace was not good enough for their club

. spanish Just missed the attack to lose to “Prasat Ruean Kaew” 3-0, causing them to miss the opportunity to go back to 4th and seize the opportunity to take advantage of the top four. Even if it is less competitive than competitors

“We didn’t have a chance to win from the start. When you come here you have to fight. You have to win duels and second balls, you have to be aggressive, which we can’t do. And besides that we played very badly on the ball,” Arteta said after the game.

“We tried in the second half and had three or four chances to give but the half they had was a penalty.”

“It’s time to accept criticism. I have to apologize because this form of play is not good enough for this club at all. After that, you just have to respond. When everything is going well everyone wants to be involved and support. ” report by UFABET

Congratulations to Palace because they deserved to win this game. They play like this all the time.”

“We are humble enough to accept criticism. You don’t have to pity yourself because you lost a lot of players and lost a game.”