Borussia to cancel the loan contract “Rainier” returns

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It is reported that Borussia’s Dortmund Dortmund preparing to cancel. The loan Rainier and returned to the Real Madrid club at the market this winter.

racing age, 19-year contract to move from Florida. Flamengo joined the “White King” army at the beginning of 2020.

Before being released to the “Yellow Tigers” on loan for 2 years, starting from the summer of last year.

However, the news still hasn’t been given much opportunity to enter the field, having only played 28 games for the team in all competitions over the past one and a half years. And most of them have only entered the field as a backup only.

Real Madrid midfielder Reinier, who plays for Borussia Dortmund on loan, is unhappy with his position at the German club.

The Brazilian wants to leave Borussia Dortmund, says Marca. The 18-year-old feels uncomfortable because of the lack of playing time.

Rainier has played a total of only 136 minutes in 8 matches at Borussia Dortmund, without ever being in the starting line-up.

Valladolid, who tried to rent him last summer, are still Interested in the player.

The latest from BILD reports that Dortmund are set to cancel the loan in order to send the player back to the club despite having six months left on his contract.

Dortmund is believed to have plans to add more troops during the winter market. By termination of the contract with Rainier, they will reduce the burden of loan and wages to some extent. Including players such as Axel Witsel and Roman Berge, who the club considers to be released before buying more as well.According to a report from ufabet.