“Carragher” slammed VAR’s problem lies with the controller.

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Jamie Carragher, Liverpool legend Come out to criticize the work of VAR in the game “Reds” invaded a 2-2 draw with Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday night ago.

The game had two strokes that Liverpool’s side weren’t happy with. The first moment was in the first half where Harry Kane turned the button on Andy Robertson and the second moment was now that Diogo Jota was hit by Emerson Royal from behind and fell in penalty area But no matter what

, referee Paul Tierney only gave Kane a yellow card in the incident. While ignoring the rhythm of Liverpool’s penalty shootout and VAR, it doesn’t matter either

, Carragher said of the matter: “The decision that doesn’t go against Liverpool In terms of the penalty That was a very clear penalty and Harry Kane should have been sent off. There is no doubt about that.”

“Now we’re back where we were two years ago where everyone was annoyed with VAR. We’ve also come to the point where we think there’s VAR, why not, in these

situations, people are complaining about VAR… it. it is not the people’s VAR VAR control that is not good enough “

, then say that. “It may have happened very quickly. But that’s the point of having VAR come in to help the referee. That is the whole point of it, “

” the VAR to help the referee in the main event. And that’s the milestone,” he said.