‘Conte’ does not accept UEFA fines ‘Spur’ loses eliminated

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Antonio Conte has hinted that Tottenham are ready to take legal action to appeal the decision by UEFA. who defeated them in the Europa game Conference League until eliminated.

On Monday it was reported that Spurs were considering taking legal action. After UEFA decided to forfeit them in their final group game against Rennes, which had to be postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak in north London.

They were displeased with UEFA’s decision, with Conte saying last week that it would be unfair if Spurs were to lose.

Then the Italian coach implied that “Chicken Golden Spikes” may take legal steps. Which has the right to end up relying on the Court of Sports

“To be honest for me, the club and the fans. It is unbelievable with the decision UEFA made. It’s definitely not fair. We deserved to play on the pitch to qualify, not like this. I’m very disappointed by UEFA’s decision,” Conte said.

“There’s one more step, it (appeal) is not an ultimatum… UEFA made this decision and it is one more step to confirm whether this incredible decision will take place. But I reiterate that I am very disappointed with UEFA because everyone knows the problem,

and in the statement about the defeat, I read that Spurs cannot play because of coronavirus, I would argue.

“But they made this decision. We are very confident with the next step and I repeat that we deserve to be on the pitch to qualify, not on court. I can’t accept this

. Perhaps because of his personal interest involved, “

Spurs need him off the practice field after cattle plague both players and staff. But they still want to play against Rennes before the new year. until UEFA decides to lose them

Reports say Spurs have also offered to play against Rennes on Monday. Despite having just competed with Liverpool 24 hours before that.According to a report from ufabet.