Federico Macheda, former Manchester United player, aged 30

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Federico Makeka’s goal against Aston Villa in 2009 was a truly memorable moment. Because it helped Manchester United win the three points in a crucial moment and influenced the Premier League title win that season.

The former Italian teenager continued with a shot at goal. Sunderland a week later But after that, things only get worse.

Macheda is unable to report the birth. and eventually had to leave Old Trafford in 2014. Federico After being loaned out five times.

He is only 30 years old now and he has finally found a place. Where he can happily play football again.

The forward has just celebrated his 100th appearance for Panathinaikos in the Greek league, scoring 36 goals.

He was previously a wanderer before succeeding in the fairy tale land. When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer signed him in 2014 to join the club at Cardiff and it was an unsuccessful transfer. Macheda was loaned out to Nottingham Forest where he made just three appearances and hasn’t scored a single goal

during his six-year loan and transfer career. On a temporary basis, Macheda has featured for Sampdoria, QPR, Stuttgart, Doncaster Rovers, Birmingham, Cardiff and Forest. But he only scored 19 goals – averaging about three goals per season.

Macheda returned to Italy with Novara in Serie B, and although it wasn’t that great moment, But at least he had the opportunity to play regularly, with 50 appearances in two seasons and 11 goals,

he ended up moving to Panathinaikos in free agent when his contract at Novara expired. go down