L’Equipe bulged Messi, made PSG split into two groups

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Reports from L’Equipe have revealed a rift in the Paris Saint-Germain squad, after claiming that the arrival of Lionel Messi led to a split between Neymar and Kylian M. Bappe

Messi farewell to Barcelona Moved to PSG team last summer Among the football fans who are looking forward to seeing the best 3 coordinates of the era Messi-Neymar-Mbappe,

however, the combination of the three is not completely. Not what everyone expected Part of this is likely due to personal relationships that started to conflict.

L’Equipe claimed that the arrival of Messi Made a big change in the PSG dressing room when Neymar began to distance himself from Mbappe. Then let’s focus on Messi, a dear friend since the days of playing together in foreign teams.

Support for L’Equipe’s claim came when the pair clashed during the Montpellier match. Mbappe

admitted to calling his team-mates “a bum”, but later confirm that They have a good relationship with each other. And he still respects Neymar.

In addition, neither Messi nor Neymar appear to be attending Mbappe’s 23rd birthday, while new signing Sergio Ramos and Ashraf Hakimi has also joined

Mbappe, who is about to expire at PSG this summer. which pictures from the birthday party He received a shirt that reads ‘Mbappe 2050’ on the back. His teammates wanted him to stay with the team.

The media from the perfume country also stated that the two groups were divided. It consists of a French-speaking group led by Presnel Kimpenbe and Idrissa Gay, and a Spanish-language group. including partners Marco Verratti and Julian Draxler.