Levy confident ‘Kane’ can lift the trophy with Tottenham Hotspur

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Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy insists Harry Kane can win trophies with the club. And hoping that one day there will be a statue of this important spearhead on the field The

29-year-old star has been playing football with the “Golden Spur” all his life, but has not yet been able to lead the team to win a trophy. Although showing personal results, winning three Premier League goalscoring stars,

the contract of the England national team players It is set to run out in 2024, making it possible he could leave Spurs in pursuit of success.

This past Wednesday, Levy attended the University of Cambridge reunion of which he is an alumnus. And was asked about the possibility of Kane unlocking a trophy with Spurs.

“Harry Kane can definitely win trophies with Spurs,” the 61-year-old replied. The UFABET report 

“But being a club legend is also important. Kane has made history by the fact that he is Spurs’ top scorer. I hope one day in front of

our stadium there will be a statue of Harry Kane. stay ′′

′′ Spurs is a club with a lot of history. From having won all the championships in the past ′′ ′

′ In the past, Spurs are not in the position where the club should be. We are on our way now. And we need to be more successful on the pitch ′′

But we used to participate. Champions League for many seasons but we were close to winning it. That is our ultimate goal.”