“Nketiah” admits he wants to play the most ready to do their best

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Arsenal striker Eddie Nketiah He admitted that there was a need to enter the field a lot and do my best every time I get a chance to win a 22-year-old had just as important a hat trick helped the army “artillery” for his win close games. 

Sunderland went 5-1 to reach the Carabao Cup semi-finals and was the fifth goal in his three appearances in the competition.

“It’s a great feeling. I have to thank my teammates a lot for those assists. I just have to be in the right place,” Nketiah told Sky Sports after the game.

“I’ve scored a third goal in the previous rounds. It’s nice to have this kind of response. I am happy that we can qualify the next door and there are several Dreamland “

“. We could have played a lot better in the first half but we improved in the second half with more goals to come. It was a really good team performance.”

“This is a game that I can start as a real player. I will do my best whenever I get the chance. I really want to play. All I can do is work hard. and everything will come by itself.”

“Hopefully we can keep going all the way. I aim to continue playing football. That’s my main ambition. As long as I’m playing for Arsenal, I’ll give it all.”According to a report from ufabet.