Owen predicts ‘Swan, Ghost’ Kwang Hae

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Stoke City legend Michael Owen has analyzed how Liverpool and Manchester United will be happy with the results of the Premier League game. This weekend,

Liverpool travel to Brighton on Saturday. With the goal of collecting points to chase Manchester City in the position of

the crowd, United must duel footballers with Tottenham Hotspur with bets to win the top four areas. In order to qualify for the Champions League next season

, Owen said: “Brighton’s form has dropped in the last one or two months.”

“They haven’t scored enough goals at the moment. They have scored the fewest goals against just Burnley and Norwich this season,

but there’s no danger that they will be relegated, but Graham Potter will want to aim for a top 10 finish.

“Liverpool’s last few games weren’t playing their best. They beat West Ham But there are many chances of conceding goals in that game. “

The European game that lost against Inter on Tuesday was disappointing, mainly because they had the chance to score goals to win the game. the ufabet report

.” Score a few goals, creating a lot of chances. I think it will end up in Liverpool winning 3-1

. ” “The performance in the second half against City It’s not even close to being good enough. But it’s good. “Somewhat in the first half,”

“Jadon Sancho scores well and looks like he’s starting to adjust to the team.”

” Spurs were a very unpredictable team in Conte’s era. I don’t think they will beat Everton 5-0, but Spurs play. Maybe it’s the best Even if Everton makes it easy.”

“The great thing that is especially important in the latter is that Harry Kane’s form, he’s excellent. Both in terms of scoring goals and creating chances.”

“Ken is the perfect striker. And it’s good to see him back in top form again.”

“But Man United really wants to win this match. Even though I didn’t see this match very clearly, I gave United a 2-1 win.